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The *DAY*


Today is the day... what day you may ask? The day that I either get my period or I don't! Hee x 3!!!

I'm normally not late, besides a few select stressed out times, so if I don't get it today it's a good sign that I am pregnant and I will test tomorrow.

Besides the fact that I had to hold back throwing up last night and a little bit this morning, I'd not getting my hopes up. I don't feel my period coming yet, but I didn't last month either 'til right when it came... So, we'll see what happens...

I've been bloated as hell and my nipples still hurt like a bitch, so if I am gonna get my period, it needs to come... NOW! Because I'm so tired of hurt nipples and my clothes barely fitting!

If I am pregnant, and that's why I'm bloated and my nipples hurt, of course I'll be joyful! hee x 3!!!

I just hate it! When I was in high school, my period would ALWAYS start right when I wake up... ever since I've been out it starts at random times during the day! GRRR! At least it's normally on time though! hee x 3!!!

What else?

Well, I woke up to a lovely call at 8:30 this morning...

from who???

My hubby...


He said "did I wake you up?"

and I said "yes"

and he said "oh"

and I said "what do you want?"

and he said "I was just calling to see if I'm a daddy"

Which made me feel bad! He wanted me to test today and I told him I just wanted to wait 'til I got my period...

I'm glad he's excited about trying to get pregnant, and he wants it so bad, I just don't want to let him down when I have to tell him! GRRR!

Anyways, enough babbling, I'll try and update when I do find out! Don't want to leave anyone in suspense.



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