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Another day... will she show???


Today is cycle day 30... will my period show? today's the 3rd day I should have gotten my period... as of 11:43AM, Aunt flo's still a no-show.

You know what's really weird? I actually feel like I already had my period in a way... like I haven't had ANY cramping this morning... and today would normally be my last day which is normally really light and not crampy...

but the days I'd normally have a heavy period I did have cramping, just not bad cramping like I normally get... I even got my infection, or what feels like an infection (it's like a mix of yeast/UT infection), which I normally start to get while I'm on my period... I get 'em a lot but they tend to go away soon after my period.. I probably should go to the doctor for them more, but I did go for the last one I got, and I got medicine and it went away the same as it normally does... they're annoying...

So, now I'm waiting to see what happens.. I should start my period tomorrow at the lastest... I've only been more than 4 days late once, and that was that last year towards the end of the year, and I was 2 weeks late, but it was from stressing because we bought a new car and then my dad got pissed at me and hubby and made us take the car back or else we'd basically be homeless and jobless! so, that was definately enough stress to set back my period...

now, I haven't been stressed... I mean we went on our texas trip but I didn't really stress about that, I even started packing like a week before we left so I wouldn't be stressed last minute...


I hate not knowing, ya know? Plus being 4 days late just sets us back 4 days for trying for the next cycle...

On another note... we found out that my insurance doesn't cover fertility services... AT ALL! So I need to call and find out what my appointment on the 9th of sept would cost... it's just a pap, and then I get a paper to take to the lab that has all the testing I need done on it.. and I get the cup for hubby's sperm too.. I'd like to at least get all the first test done because if it's some small hormone imbalance that's keeping us from getting pregnant I'd like to know... ya know? Or if it's hubby's sperm...

but hopefully hubby jacking off too much was the problem! hee x 3!!! 5 hours in between jacking off and having sex isn't much time to make good swimmers, ya know?

So yeah, there's my little update for today... If I get my period I'll make another update telling everyone than flo showed... if not, you probably won't see another entry today :D so, hope for no more entries! hee x 3!!!

By the way, thank you SOOOO much for all the encouraging notes! It really helps!



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