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I have wonder often if I have PCOS. Never have been tested for it. I am 24 years old, and have only been pregnant one time. I was 16 yo and it resulted in a horrible misscarriage. I got pregnant while on Birth Control. I was on the depo shot, and it was 2 weeks until I had to return for another shot when I misscarried. Then 2 years ago, I ended up in the hospital with a cyst bursting. 3 days worth of pain, no food, no drink, and bed ridden. I am have most of the symptoms. Irregular periods, high testosterone levels (hairy arms, excessive facial hair), over weight, stomach cramps durning sex, inverted nipples (I saw in one site that mentioned). I was just wondering, if anyone could help me and tell me if they think this could be the cause. I have been with with my husband 8 years, and been married to him 3 years. We haven't never concieved again. We use to type of protection. Is it possible to get back on BC and get pregnant, if you have PCOS. Or should it be avoided? We desperatly want children, but do not have the funds to follow through with adoption in an agency, or to follow with infertility speacialist.
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