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Latest test results - holy crap

Cut for sensitivity.

After almost 3 years of TTC, we found out this morning that I'm 3 weeks pregnant! I have a physical exam booked with my GP on April 12th and my first prenatal visit with our ob gyn is booked for May 2nd.

Our history of TTC:

May 2004 - Went off birth control pill.

Sep 2004 - Internal U/S done. Diagnosed with PCOS, a "lengthy" cervix and tilted uterus.

Jan 2005 - Went on Provera to try to regulate cycle. Started charting. Never ovulated once in 2005.

Jan 2006 - Stopped charting. Started Clomid 150 mg. Sperm analysis done and hubby given all-clear. Only ovulated 4 times.

Jan 2007 - Informed blood sugar on high side of normal. Metformin 1,500 mg added to Clomid 150 mg. Ovulated Feb and Mar.

Feb 2007 - Had HSG with unremarkable results.

This month:

Mar 20 - Progesterone 24.1 (down from 30.4 previous month)

Mar 26 - Had visit with ob gyn. Referred to fertility clinic to start IUI treatments. Told should hear from fertility clinic in 4 weeks' time.

Mar 27 - Took two HPTs, both positive. Went for blood work.

Mar 28 - Called ob gyn's office at 8 a.m. Positive!!

To say I'm in shock would be the understatement of the year. But I'm happy! I couldn't have asked for a better 30th birthday gift.

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That's awsome!

Your chart looks like mine - only I'm on your Jan 2005 step of Provera trying to ovulate...thinking we'll need more assistance in the long run though. I was wondering at what point hubby would need to do a sperm check ... looks like that will be the next step when we get to it.
Hopefully the provera works for you... sometimes that's all that's needed is a little nudge. =) The provera worked for a friend of mine after they tried for three years on their own to get pregnant. Best of luck with your journey!!!