firesong_jb (firesong_jb) wrote in infertilemyrtle,

Fertilty Testing


I'm new to the community, so I suppose I will introduce myself first.  I am 27 in Ohio and have been married for over 5 years.  

We have been TTC for over 2 now with no success, not even a miscarriage.  I was taking ortho BC pills for 4 years, but have been off of them for 5 years.  My cycles are regular within a day or two. For more than a year I took vitamins and suppliments and followed to FAM program, also with no success.  I stopped the program as it was stressing me out.

I have had basic testing done with my GP (hormone testing and ultrasound of my uterus - everything ok) but I am unsure what step to take next on fertility testing.  All of my girlfriends and my sister-in-law all got pregnant very easily, so they are no help.  Any guidance would be great.
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