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Well, I thought (hoped, prayed) that I was pregnant to the point of even making a baby ticker. But I just found out I am not.

I'm an older woman, late 30's. I have been TTC for a year. I can't afford the invitro options at all. I menstruate regularly (27-28 day cycle) and I do ovulate normally.
I've had kids before, all healthy with no problems. I had one abortion 9 years ago.
Could the abortion have messed me up inside somehow? I was also on Depo Provera for a year and I wonder if that ruined my fertility as well. I know as an older mother, that I have a decrease in fertility, but I am with the man of my dreams and we just want ONE more baby.

I have heard about a product called Ovulex. Has anyone tried that with any success?

Does anyone have any insights or ideas that could help us conceive?
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