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And the Verdict is....????


That's right, on Thursday, CD31, I started my period at 9PM! Yes, I figured I'd get it on CD31 because I ovulated late... I was most pissed off that it waited to come 'til 9 freakin' PM! GRRR!

So, yeah, not pregnant... no big deal.. I'm actually really excited that my period's already over, and as of tomorrow I will be trying to get back into my normal routine of going to the gym... eating right... etc...


WE'RE MOVING! Not right this second... actually you never know 'til after we go see the apartments we want to get tomorrow...

They're nice and new... we looked at apartments saturday.. and... well.. yada yada yada... I've got pics of the apartment we want and I'll write a whole entry about the situation with the pics.

I'm so sorry I had to leave y'all in suspense!!! I was so damn busy!

Thursday I started my period at night, went to sleep, friday I had a million things to do before going with hubby to the Projekt Revolution Concert (less than jake, the used, snoop dogg, korn, linkin' park, other little bands), and we were at the concert from like 2PM to 11PM.. I took pics on my camera phone, I can post those later too... Then saturday Hubby had traffic school so I spent the day cleaning, met him for lunch, then cleaned some more. Sunday Hubby took his friend to the Padre game (bday present to his friend) and my mom had a party for her friends birthday at her house which I had to go to all day... then hubby got home from the game sunday and we went up to his parents house... we were there 'til midnight... fun, huh? then monday I met up with old friends from high school, and then monday night our friends came over to watch the Padre game on our Hi Definition big screen... and this morning I had to wake up, miss my phone interview, and help my mother with the prevailing wage paperwork she had to get in today... and now I'm taking a break while she finds some papers that are missing... fun fun fun! I'll write an entry about the apartment we want later...



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