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Aunt Flo Update #4 hee x 3!!! :P


Today is officially CD31...

As of 9:21AM...

No Aunt flo still!

So, I'm still waiting... I haven't taken another pregnancy test yet. I'm trying to wait 'til I'm a week late, since I've already taken one since I've missed my period and one before I missed my period..

But, No period is still a good sign :D I need to clean up today because this guy might be coming to fix the air conditioning. We made an addition to our home, and the a/c works in there because it's seperate... But, the a/c in the living room, kitchen, bathroom & extra bedroom don't work! GRRR! It's so hot in there I can barely stand to take a shower in the bathroom because I start sweating right when I get our! So, a guy's supposed to be coming to fix it, my parents called him so I need to see if he's coming today or not because if he is I need to clean... with it being so hot in there I haven't cleaned in those area's, and hubby's been in there because he watches TV in the living room on his big screen and I watch TV in the bedroom next to the a/c that does work...

Ok yucky, I feel like I'm gonna puke.. maybe it's just the yucky morning breath taste in my mouth but I can't stand it so I'm gonna go!

I'll post if anything changes with Aunt flow!

I need heavy pregnancy praying today people! hee x 3!!! I've NEVER been later that day 31 of my cycle except ONE freakin' time when I stressed and it left for 2 weeks! If I don't get it today, then I don't know what the heck I'm gonna think! hee x 3!!!

I do have more I could write, but like I said... mouth... yucky... got to go!



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